My dad has 2 cats and no matter what we do, they will not stop peeing(not spraying) but peeing all over the house. It started shortly after we got them(I was still living at home) 3 yrs ago and we have tried everything, we keep the litterbox clean, we clean the area with odor neutralizer's, soap and water, we yell at them if we see it happening, we lock them out of the room they pee in(but they just find another place to pee), we have tried giving them extra attention..but now Batman(the younger one) has started deficating on the couch in between the cushions and on the beds. The house smells so bad now, we recently just took the carpet out but the smell is still sooo strong..we can't find the's in the walls or something now. We aren't going to get rid of them but I worry about what will happen someday if the cats outlive my dad(he is 63, they are 4)but, with that behavior, none of us are going to want to take them in because they will destroy our house as there ANY way to get them to stop?┬Ąt=677d47b4.pbw