OMG welcome to tiel land!!!!! They are so much fun and very loving birds. Our two can get noisy at times especially when they hear me come home and I don't go to them right away.
Beaker the baby parakeet is kept in the same room as my two tiels and Beaker really believes he is a tiel.

Beaker is like a little brother to them and is very much the pest. Beaker I believe also learned to talk pretty much from Nacho he is saying Pretty Bird like crazy and kind of sounds like Nacho voice. He also makes all of the tiel sounds as well.
The reason I say Beaker thinks he is a tiel is I have brought up a few parakeets and Beaker wants nothing to do with them. He only wants Tonto.

Anyway congrats. Beautiful bird by the way.

My name is Connie