actually tiels are known for being the quiest of pet birds LOL

they can get loud, but ussually only when they want something they dont have or they need attention or are unhappy.

so basically if you keep them in a proper cage with good enrichment and pay attention to them they will be just fine.

they do like to squeal when you get home though but thats temporary and rather adorable.


my tiels rarely make noise, if they do its whistling songs smile or if they get in a argument with each other lol

congrats, he is adorable !!!

the cage looks good, in time you may want to look into getting a bigger cage for him but for now its fine.

they are very good chewers, mine chewed up a wooden ladder in a matter of days lol and they routinely chew through the wooden dowel perches... thankfully they only cost a dollar at walmart or home depot LOL

get him lots of shreddable toys and paper type toys smile