Just a few days ago, I walked into Petland, I met up with this worker and we started talking right away... He was telling me this upsetting story about how his neighbor wants him to get rid of his Tiel...and he was looking for a home... (I guess it was fate for me to walk in Petland and talk to this guy...) but I told him that I'd think about it. So, later in the same week, me and my girl friend were talking and I told her how much I wanted a Tiel...and it... I just couldn't let this dream fly away from me...so the other day, I met up with him again and we exchanged information... So, today, April 7th, 2009 at 7:45-8 in the morning.. I took my carrying cage and picked him up...and he's home now with new toys and views!

I got some photos...

^^^ Serbie is the name!!! ^^^

^^^ Serbie perched! ^^^ Yay!!!

^^^ On top of the cage, on his gym! ^^^

^^^ His cage with toys and ladders! ^^^

^^^ First time I saw him eating! ^^^

(Also, if you Tiel owners have any good advice to give me, PLEASE...let me know...)