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you can purchase at the harrisons website and on there they have locations for every state.




Call ahead though and be sure they carry what you want! I was very excited when I found that my sister's vet carries Harrison's. Finally I didn't have to order on line and pay shipping! I see my sister about once a month so with some pre planning, I could be covered! Guess what? We stopped by there yesterday, they don't carry the super fine pellets and they don't carry the bird bread mix!!!

Oh well, she directed us to an Avian Rehab Center about 1/2 hr. from here where they do carry at least the bird bread-she buys that there but since she has a bigger bird, she has never looked for the super fine pellets.

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I heard that parakeets should receive no more than 25% of protein per day. I'll try to find the link where I read that.

This is not the web site I found it from, but I found another which says the same thing.



Thanks for that info Ant!! So if 25 grams is the max they should have, and the pellets provide 14 grams protein, then I should weigh out 1 ounce (the amount that has 14 grams in it) and see just how much that is. I appreciate that info as I have never been able to find it!!

I feel like I am on the right track here. I feed pellets, some fresh veggies and some seeds daily. I'm good with that, my vet is good with that, and my birds are good with that (they talk to me and tell me so! LOL wink )