caribean mom

the problem with bird foods in general is that not all birds are alike, each one has their own dietary needs.

a parakeet doesnt need as much protein as a macaw or a cockatiel.

i do not feed pellets everyday to my birds, the seed mix has a ton of protein and so do the pellets, so i give them pellets in the seeds only every other day.

harrisons is very good but its a general bird food geared toward "any bird" but keet owners must keep in mind they have parakeets nots macaws and cockatoos and amazons and tiels lol

too much protein does lead to gout.

you also have to keep in mind that every single pellet brand out there says that it should be the birds ONLY source for food, even harrisons, and actually harrisons even says not feed alot of veggies and fruits and if you do, only certain kinds.

well ok ... maybe the pellet is a well rounded meal but keets NEED to eat seed, they are grass birds parakeet means grass parrot for a reason lol and ive never seen ANY bird food specifically geared toward a parakeets dietary needs, seed mixes are done by size but the parrot and the tiel and the keet ones have the exact same ingredients just different sizes is all lol and the keet and tiels are mostly all millet.

and they NEED to eat those fresh foods as well, for nutrition and for enrichment.

so keet owners have to do alot of hit and miss and guessing when it comes to proper nutrition.

which is sad, you would think since they are they most common bird pet, or pet in general, that the market would be more geared toward them but it isnt.