Harrison's also puts out a mesh. It is all ground up and is sprinkled on other food or seeds. My vet said to sprinkle a little water on the seeds and then put the mesh on them. You wouldn't have to grind anything if you bought this stuff.

I feed super fine Harrison's and my boys gobble it up. It took a long time of combining and serving separate and rejoicing when I saw them eating them right out of the dish with nothing else. After a while when they trust seeing them around and they accidently eat one, they learn that they are good. If you are concerned about cost. Measure your seed out by the table spoon and give the correct proportion of pellets to seed. Throw the old ones out for the wild birds and it hasn't really gone to waste.

The super fine is just the size of seed and they take to it easier. It is organic and has feeding directions on the bag. You can supplement with fresh veggies but because it is complete and contains veggies, it cautions you to only supplement certain veggies.

They are creatures of habit. Every day give them pellets and they will try them sooner or later. It only takes once and Voila! they are pellet eaters.

Cookie and Sweetie