I had two keets last year, and the older male died (Peepers - still miss him!) So with the one female I wanted to get her another "friend" and ended up getting two more! I couldn't decide between the two, so now I have three keets. Two are female and one is a male (most beautiful keet I've ever seen).

Now, my older female has started laying eggs. I had bought two birdhouses from a mail order and set them on top of my two cages. The older female (Polly) is the only one small enough to enter the birdhouse. She was in there so much I thought she was sick. When I picked the birdhouse up, a white egg rolled on the floor. I also have found one egg on the floor of the birdcage. Two days ago, I found another egg inside the birdhouse. I have just left them there since I read that if you remove them, the female will continue laying eggs to the point of becoming ill.

My question is: how long do you let the eggs lay there? Also, what about coccidiosis? Here is what I found online: Coccidiosis is passed to another bird during the Oocyst stage. The Oocyst is an egg-like structure that is excreted by the bird in to the environment/cage. The oocyst can remain inactive and exposed for many weeks and still infect another bird. The infection starts when an oocyst is ingested. Once ingested you may notice symptoms of the infection as early as 4-6 days later.

Has anyone heard of this before, and how do you tell if it is just an egg or coccidiosis?

Peepers Mom