And now my life story--

Angel is a chronic egg-layer (as of this post over 70 in the past 2 years). When it started I just tried separating her from the boys...but she kept at it. So then I let her raise a clutch to see if THAT would do it...and she kept laying eggs. So now I try moving her around cages to keep her from getting into 'nesting mode' (sitting at the bottom of the cage and being really aggressive when anything/one gets too close). If you are trying to raise babies, I would suggest reading some of the topics on breeding and buying some books. Although Angel did just fine on her own instinct (used the cage floor refused the nesting box).

Cricket (Angel's youngest baby) just started laying her own eggs a few days ago...I'm still looking for any ideas for stopping this but will start a new thread topic.

A good idea is to separate the males from females if you can, but I've got my 6 separated by who will kill each other and who will try to make babies! At this point, I've thrown in the towel and decided Angel hasn't died yet from vitamin insufficiency or egg-binding, and short of a painful and traumatic procedure to make her 'sterile,' there is nothing I can (or will) do to stop her. So she will do what she wants! smile