Minorcas Hen's are a typical breed of chicken that originates from the Mediterranean. The Ladies always have an "emo flip" style comb.
Developed in Spain and Minorca Once known as the Red-faced Black Spanish.
I had a hen that was a white minorca. I had rescued her from my brothers neighborhood in banning. She was a straggler out of 4 others chickens roaming around. She was sickly looking and obviously underfeed compared to the rest of her flock. My little sister Kat had caught her in her jacket. I brought her home named her Juby. My bantam rooster Amber-Bob fell in love with her and courted her very gently and always reserved food and treats for her. Despite all my efforts to get her healthy she still was pron to infections and some of the other hens picked on her. One day a dog got a hold of her and ripped a hole in her back. I nursed her back to health and re homed her to the local feed store owners farm. She had made a full recovery there and became a happy beautiful healthy hen. Shes one of his favorite hens now.