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"Put another way – “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with facts” on the part of da Vinci Code enthusiasts."

As a historian, I know that we have to go with 'the facts', but I have also learned that we may not always be sure of the full facts.

Sometimes our conclusions are correct; sometimes they are incorrect and sometimes they are ... well, inconclusive.

I feel, though, that sometimes historians miss things by saying:

“My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with [ideas or alternative theories]” smile

I loved 'The Da Vinci Code'; and found it very exciting, readable and thought-provoking. However, as you will find if you read back through the threads, I have criticised it a lot.

I do think, though, that Brown, or his sources, made some good ~ or, at least, interesting ~ points, that were worth following up.

I think that this was one of them.

... the "V" space is totally incidental ..... Leonardo had no choice but to paint the “space” created by that action exactly the way he did. No hidden meanings, no symbolism for future understanding, no covert expressions of an heretical whisper, just a space, just a space accommodating the action ....

Maybe so.
But Reniassance painting is renowned for its symbolism, is it not?

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