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"This writer would also suggest consideration of the fact that Leonardo paints John at different ages, one as the child sitting to the left of Mary in “Virgin of the Rock” and then older seated to Jesus right at “The Last Supper"

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"Could you elaborate on this, please?

This was removed and apologies that it was not removed quickly enough before readers in the forum accessed it. A brief trip out contributed to the delay in discovering that a post not completely redacted and developed had been entered by mistake. What was posted that is being referred to, was inadvertantly "submitted" as an entry before several areas that had comments left from moving text around in a preliminary work-up were deleted. When the mixup was discovered a short time later, the post was removed and replaced. The "John" in the Virgin of the Rocks is John the Baptist, not John the Apostle.

Sorry for the unintended entry and subsequent confusion.

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