I know that John's features are often effeminate in such paintings ~ I have given a link to quite a few, myself, above.

I accept that Leonardo may also have painted a young man with effeminate features.

I accept that Leonardo used the pronoun 'he' in his notes.

However, since he did not paint 'John' as sketched in his notes, he must have had a change of mind.

Who knows how far that change of mind went?

We do not have all of his notes.

I think that the way 'John' looks is important because 'he' looks like other people painted by Leonardo.

Admittedly, he looks a bit like Leonardo's picture(s) of John the Baptist, but he looks more like his pictures of 'the Virgin Mary' in the 'Madonna of the Rocks' paintings.

Perhaps he used a female model.
Perhaps he used two related models ~ one make & one female ~ who looked alike. Maybe that is the explanation.

As for his personal diaries and notebooks, having been arrested once, he might have had to be especially careful in future.

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