Some article: [quote]My Fake Baby ~ Tim Teeman ~ From The Times, January 3, 2008 '... My Fake Baby .. identified a new industry in dolls made to look and behave like living babies. The people who buy them push them around in prams and wash their hair. The dolls are customised to customers’ specifications: a cut on the knee, a red mark above the eyes, clenched hands. They can even be fitted with a breathing mechanism.' 'The dolls, or “reborns”, are made by Jaime Eaton, a sunny young mother of four who said that after four Caesareans, this would be the “closest” she would get to having more children. “I’ve cried when I’ve let a few of them go,” she admitted.' 'Sue, had quite a few reborns in a spookily beautifully kitted-out nursery. She couldn’t do with the noise of the real thing: “I want them well behaved and clean and the reality isn’t like that,” ...' 'Deeply sinister they all looked too, but the women cooed over these inanimate objects as if they were real, breathing, darling little things.' 'When Christine went to pick up her Harry doll from Jaime, she cried ecstatically: “Nobody will be able to take him away from me this time.” ...'[/quote] [quote]My Fake Baby, Channel 4 'Some women spend thousands of pounds on these lifelike dolls ... but they're terrifying. Adoptive "mums" are clearly brought great comfort, so my churlish views shouldn't count for anything... ' [/quote] [quote]Reborn Dolls 'A reborn doll is a vinyl baby doll that has been customized by a process of repainting and enhancement to resemble a human baby. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning.' [/quote] [quote]'Doll replaced my dead son' By DAVE MASTERS ~ 01 Mar 2007 'THE Sun revealed last week how some grieving parents have found comfort in buying doll doubles of their lost babies.' [/quote] [quote]Reborn Dolls For Grieving Parents 3:23pm UK, Thursday February 22, 2007 'Parents struggling to cope with losing a baby are easing their grief with replica dolls of their lost children.' 'But the Child Bereavement Trust, a charity that counsels grieving families, has warned against parents replacing lost babies with models.' 'The Reborn industry is successful in the US, but is only just starting in Britain.' [/quote] [quote]My Fake Baby By Abby O'Reilly 4 January 2008 'There’s no doubting Eaton’s talent. Her creations are realistic. They look like babies, but dead lifeless babies. Her living room is like a mortuary, bursting with tiny arms and legs waiting to be forged by Frankenstein into something resembling a human. These are not toys for children. They are bought by women to compensate for the absence of an infant, be that through death, distance or infertility.' [/quote]

"The secret of success is constancy to purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli.