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"However, those verses have been written, re-written and interpreted.

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With respect, knowing many feel that way regarding "scripture", in the interests of applying an equal standard to both, Leonardo's painting has been repaired, retouched, repainted, damaged by Napoleon's troops, partially removed - then glued back in place, been declared "unrecognizable" several times over and in between centuries and periods of neglect. Even with the earliest copies (made on the very edge of the painting being "unrecognizable") to compare for restorative purposes, who can say with certainty employing the same standard being applied above to bible verses that nuances and delicate details have also not been altered by those with an agenda with regard to Leonardo's painting?...

Yes, indeed, so it is hard to be sure of anything.

I am mostly intrigued by the similarity between the Marys of the 'Virgin of the Rocks' pictures and the beloved disciple in 'The Last Supper'.

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