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Part 2

Next, much has also been made of the “interval” between Jesus and the disciple to his immediate right. Believers ardently insist Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and that she, not the Apostle John, is the one referred to as “the disciple Jesus loved” (Jn 13:23). Leonardo, it is claimed, in possession of this knowledge and knowing that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married deliberately painted the person to Jesus’ right as leaning away from him so as to provide a future clue to those who would understand it.

The “space” between Jesus and the disciple, proponents of this theory are quick to emphasize, is in the shape of a ”V”.

Nothing is said, however, about the smaller but still just as much a ”V” to the left of Jesus as being symbolic on the basis of the same standards claimed for the one to his right...

I wouldn't like to say what this 'V' represents ~ I have no idea ~ but I do think that it is noticeable ~ much more so that the one on the other side.

Plus, the other one contains other symbolism ~ the upwards-pointing finger ~ called, by some, the gesture which represents John the Baptist.

So there are two mysteries set before us for us to solve.

There is a puzzle to the left of Jesus and a puzzle to the right.

On one side we have a disciple putting his 'framed' John gesture before Jesus.

On the other side, we have a disciple ~ 'the beloved disciple' ~ looking very like Leonardo's paintings of the Virgin Mary in the Madonna of the Rocks paintings, close to him at the hip, looking like a mirror image of him, and not lying in his lap, but pulling right away from him, with a noticeable V-shaped gap between them. It must mean something.

Of course, it is Leonardo's Renaissance art, it is not a contemproary illustration of 'The Last Supper'.

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