I'm sorry that training is so stressful for you all, but I'd agree with Pudgie's mum ~ I know it's slow but it seems like you are making real progress.

Sammi doesn't seem to be so much of a problem because although she's scared of hands she does seem to trust you. Will she eat millet from your hands? I was just thinking that maybe if you continue training as you are and slowly put the millet deeper into your hands until she has to get on them to eat it? That way it's her choice which might be more comfortable for her.

Also, I was upset that I can't cuddle Bernard but have recently found that although he doesn't really like my hands he will let me stroke him with my nose. I know that obviously it will hurt more if she decides to bite but maybe you could try that gently? Bernard seems to treat my face as a different bird to my hands and he seems to like it much better, maybe that will work for you?

Unfortunately I think you're right about Josie, she seems like she's going to be much more difficult. Maybe just try little and often with lots of patience, sorry!! You could try just spending time with her every day one on one and not try to do too much, hopefully after a while she will come to you.

I hope that at least some of this makes sense to you smile
Best of luck with them both and keep us updated on their progress

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