[size:11pt][b] :D Happy New Year everyone! :D I disappeared for a few weeks for my holiday travels, but I’m back! :) Santa was good to me this year & brought me my first digital camera! :) Yea! :) No more chasing my birds around with my laptop computer :blush: (to take pictures with the webcam!). I’m looking forward to sharing some “quality” pictures of my babies with everyone (Be forewarned ;) !!!). Santa was also good to Dango Chan & Popo Chan, too! :D They both got their own cuttlebone holder! :grin: [/b] [/size] [size:14pt][b]DANGO CHAN with his:[/b][/size] [img]http://i336.photobucket.com/albums/n337/Guregoreo/P1050371.jpg[/img] [size:14pt][b]POPO CHAN with hers:[/b][/size] [img]http://i336.photobucket.com/albums/n337/Guregoreo/P1050370.jpg[/img] [size:11pt][b]Thank you for your help! :D What a great bunch of people we’ve got on this site (everyone give yourself a nice pat on the back!). ;) The holders are so easy to use & from the first day, both of my birds went straight to the cuttlebone! :) Yea, success! Thank you, again![/b][/size] :grin:

Peace & Happiness