Well I have the large cage with my 4 tiels in it in the birdroom that my hubby built that is attached to the house. It is a totally enclosed room with 3 windows and a door that leads out to the backyard. They can look at us all day long because they can see into the family room and even watch the TV thru the two sliding doors that connect that birdroom to the house. They can also watch me on the computer

Its great because when we go into the birdroom and let them out it is great fun to watch and play with them plus the mess is confined to one area.

The keets cage I have inside the family room right now since they have their babies and I want to keep a close eye on them. Their cage is set just on the inside of those glass doors where they have a view of the tiels out in the birdroom and a view of us in the family room. They like to watch TV and me on the computer also.