[size:11pt][b]For all the old hands here, this has probably come up a million times. . . :crazy: BUT: [color:#990000]Could you help me with finding a good cuttlebone holder? :) [/color]Those metal thingamajigs that come with the cuttlebone seem too sharp (and the actual type of metal itself seems questionable to me :o ) to use. If you have pictures or can direct me (internet) to holders you feel are [color:#990000][u]SAFE[/u][/color] to hold the cuttlebone, I would love to check them out! :grin: Awhile ago I tried to make a holder, but it really only worked “great” until Popo Chan decided to actually eat some cuttlebone. . . Then it failed miserably!!! :eek: (I know I saw something here about this over the summer, I just was unsuccessful finding it again!!!) ;) Thank You!!!!![/b][/size] :D

Peace & Happiness