OMG this is to funny your mommy bird and my daddy bird Fez look like twins and Bam Bam the mommy bird is a ice blue with light gray wings. Beaker ended up looking like Bam Bam no green in him at all. Your two little ones kind of look like Beaker.
I'm keeping Beaker away from the flock and I just can't get over how tame he is. The second you put your hand in the cage he is attached to it. I told my mom that he would probably still be on my hand even if I shook it like crazy. He does not like me paying any attention to the cockatiels in fact he chases them off of me when I'm playing with them. Beaker also has no fear of anything so I have to make darn sure no cats in the room when Beaker is out.
Aren't the babies just to much fun!!!!!!!

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