[b][size:11pt]Jessica Rawks, I’m sorry to inform you :o that you have two beautiful baby[/size] [size:17pt]porcupines. . .[/size] [size:11pt]not parakeets! :D LOL :D Thank you for sharing your babies with us. :) I’ve enjoyed watching their pink, spiky, little bodies grow into darling, recognizable creatures! :grin: I can imagine your life has been quite hectic since you took over the feeding. :crazy: I began spoon feeding my babies when they were about 6 or 7 weeks old. Good luck with your new “mommy” responsibilities! :blush: Really, what a neat thing you are doing for all of us, thank you! :D Your step by step “growth” photos really are amazing![/b][/size] ;)

Peace & Happiness