Okay, just last night I had this dream I was in this town, What it was called, I don't know, but apparently it was a town where people fell in love with their true love, but also but fought against bad stuff. Well mine(if it was her) happened to be there. It was a girl at my church that I never thought that this girl would be my love. She would put her arms around me and hug me. I hug back, Then our arms around each other we walked through the city. Then like 3 seconds later were at this bush, where your little sister is having trouble to getting over. It was like on a 4ft wall. So I helped her over.Then we were back in the city.Well apparently, I had to go off and explorer a blacked out building, and she couldn't come with me. Fortunately, i was on a skateboard(weird). But i was too stupid to give my dream self a flashlight. Anyway when I was rounding a dark corner some one grabbed my arms and hopped one the same skateboard I was on. He told me he was a doctor and stuff, I can't really what exactly saying cause the next turn was a zombie. So I threw the doctor at the zombie. which apparently crushed the zombie, or either that was the zombie eating the doctor. After a couple more turns, I see myself flying off a ramp watching the building collapse. after all that, I see myself with my lover again, and she her arms around me, as well mine were around her's. Then we went to go kiss, I woke up. I hate it when that happens. Anyway, could this dream mean anything. have i been chasing the wrong girl. I know the girl in my dreams must like 2 years older than me, but that doesn't mean it could work. Could it be I've been she's been in front of me this whole time, and I've been too blind to see her. I'm sitting in my bed thinking,Am i the stupidest guy to look beyond on what I could handle. Battling dream zombies is easy. Finding a gf is another story. If someone could help me. please?

Lee Willam Huntley IV
DJ Jah Man
Love one another, and God