So I realize it's been a while. I'm trying to find a job which is not so easy and sort of sucking up all of my time...

ANYway... a family of mid sized black spiders have decided against all odds to make my room their home. I say against all odds because I clean my room every day... there are stacks of papers and what not but they get moved on I kid you not a daily basis.... ANYway my father and I cant seem to get rid of them. they look like wolf spiders which are pretty common out here but wolf spiders uually dont live in packs and they keep showing up in my bed which is disturbing. We've taken the whole thing apart, there aren't any spider houses or anything...

anyway does anyone know of any way for me to effectively kill the spiders without killing the birds? I feel like they;re all over me all the time now and it's like... ridiculous.


*Darcy* 7.2.09