I guess the lovebug is spreading haha. Well first off, horizontaly the cage needs to be atleast 24 to 30 inches long. Thats for one lovebird ofcourse.. Theirs a bunch of things I can tell you about owning a lovebird! The list is huge haha.

Let me start by housing smile
Well, like I mentioned above, the cage has to be alteast 24 to 30 inches long horizontaly. 18 would be the very minimum, I really recommend getting atleast 24 inches.. Lovebirds love to play! Atleast, mine does lol. They love to chew on things so I recommend getting a type of wooden kabbob. Lovies also LOVE rings. I have a toy that has 3 big rings hooked together verticaly with a bell on the end. He loves it! He climbs all over it and just swings it everywhere haha. I recommend getting cockatiel sized toys and not budgie or finche sized toys, just because the pieces might be too small and lovebirds have a very very strong beak. The housing is pretty basic to owning any type of pet bird, such as two feeding dishes, 2-3 perches (try different sizes and textures), toys, a bed (lovebirds LOVE to snuggle up in those), cuddle bone etc..

For food..
Again pretty comparable to any pet bird. Try converting (if not already) your lovie to pellets. I always still put a teaspoon of seed just to give more veriaty to his diet. Try to get your lovie used to eating fruits and veggies. Im still trying to get Peachy to eat more fresh food, but it will take time since hes a real chicken to try new foods haha. Peachy's daily diet consists of 3 1/2 teaspoons of Hagen Tropican Lifetime Cockatiel Granules (pellets), and 1 teaspoon of seed. I change his food every morning.

All in all, their personnality is much too big for their small sized body! They are one of the most social birds of parrot world. Some people say that they're the Jack Russells of the bird world. They love to play, they LOVE to snuggle, they are big entertainers and are very good at learning tricks. You will never be bored.

So, if their are any other questions, please go ahead and ask them! I've had Peachy for a year, and still everyday he does something silly that makes us all giggle.

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Peachy♥05|20|07 [lovebird]
Missy♥05|23|09 [cat]