Day 2 ended of my fast
2 down/god only knows how much longer.

Anyway, work is going to be a real struggle on me. For two years that i have been working there, i never had a write up, but just about a week or two ago, i got my first one. My drawer was short like by $20(rough estimate). Anyway, i was like,"Okay, two years and my first write up. First time for everything eh?" well i just got written up again today, for the same reason. That's my second write up in like two weeks. I only have one chance left to keep my job, if i come up short one more time, I'm fired. I've already lost my girlfriend, now I'm bout to lose my job. To make things worse, i have to be able to pay rent this before next year starts, or be a full time collage student.

My life has really taking a turn for the worst. I wonder how much trouble lies ahead of me.

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