7/8/08 -- Today I only did 5-10 minute training sessions because I hadn't done them in awhile. I started with Grayson, who did very well. He stepped up every time I wanted him to (both my finger and the dowel) and only flew off of my finger once.

Emmit also did just as well but seemed a little more scared because his wings were shaking towards the end.

Jayka did pretty bad because she was hunching over, yet again. Does anyone have any idea what this could mean? She will step up but then will hunch over so her belly is touching my finger -- she's leaning waay over. I got pictures of each of them on my finger so you will be able to see what I'm talking about with Jayka. Anyway, Jayka also flew off of my finger A LOT during the session. She only stepped up about 5 times -- the other times she flew off. I also tried holding her at my chest so she could hear my heartbeat and that went over okay.

The Grades...

Grayson- A
Emmit- A-
Jayka- C-


RIP Jayka, Grayson, and Emmit