Thanks DeShanna and Coco. And no, 4keets, they are going to be taken care of by my neighbor while we are gone. smile

6/17/08 - I started with Jayka today. She did really well just like the previous days, but today she didn't do that weird leaning over thing. I was happy about that. So she stepped up well on and off both the perch and my finger. smile Although she seemed scared today.

I then got Grayson and I was soo pleasantly surprised! grin Grayson didn't bite me once! I was so happy! He was a tad stubborn when stepping up but he did step up every single time and didn't bite me! I have no idea what happened ... it's like he for got how to bite. So he did well. smile

Emmit did well, as usual. He stepped up and off of both the dowel and my finger just like Jayka and Grayson. But he does it so much easier than the other two - almost subconsciously. smile The other two I actually have to press on their chests, but not with Emmit. Emmit climbed onto my head at one point but then flew off about 20 seconds later and then he waddled away from me a few more times and kept trying to barely jump on my finger for a quick lift off. Which didn't work because my finger was pretty much at the same height as the floor, lol. Also, it seemed like Emmit was disracted the whole time but he did do well.

So these are their grades, haha.

Jayka: A-
Grayson: A-
Emmit: A-

3bud smile

RIP Jayka, Grayson, and Emmit