Well... I am just getting my pretty bird that I found in my yard a few weeks ago to see my hand inside the cage even when she is eating. She is not freaking out any more.
I think her last owner never gave her treats I tried the ones you get at the the store . Look like granola bar, she just stand on it. I tried fruits, and I just get my black lab jealous. She does not touch it. Haven't tried the millet, not sure I know what it is. Tried google it got several results. I will go to the pet store and see what the offer.
Got her some toys she loves the mirror with the bell. I am getting closer to the perch training. Sorry I forgot how to post photos in what for format anyway I need to get some new ones.

Mom for:
3 kids including the biggest one -my hubby
Yoshi bird
Missi my lab and soon some fish