6/16/07 - Emmit came into the bathroom first today. He did just as great as yesterday so I really don't have much extra to say. smile He crawled on my chest for awhile and would step up and stay on my finger even if I didn't give him millet.

Jayka did this strange thing where she was leaning over and her chest was laying on my finger. She would step up about half of the time and half the tie she would not budge no matter how hard I pushed on her chest. Sometimes when she stepped up she would lean over so her chest bone was resting on my finger. I know keets do that when they are curious or there is something new in their enviroment or there is a change in enviroment. Which would make sense. Am I right? But Grayson and Emmit didn't do that ...

Grayson was really bad once again. frown He stepped up fairly well but every single time he stepped up he bit me - and bit me hard! He didn't run away that much, so that was good. But when he did run away he would bite my fingers when I came to put him on my finger. Also, he would bite the dowel as if it was my finger when I tried to have him step up onto it. Any suggestions for Grayson's training?

Also today I didn't use the litle red cage. I carried them each on the wooden dowel from my room to the bathroom which is about 10 feet. And none of them flew off during transportation. smile

So, I'm going to grade them each on today.

Emmit- A
Jayka - B
Grayson - C+

3bud smile

RIP Jayka, Grayson, and Emmit