firt your most likey right, it probably came from some ones home.. every parakeets is trainable to a bepends on the parakeet. but even if they never get trained the way you think it should be they still make great pets...i would go look arouund for a cage for him/her...not one of the realy small ones you may see but a good size one.. you can look under "home made tree" on this form to see my cage..thats as small of one i would get, if i was you, since they spend most of there time in there cages, its nice that they have room to move and fly around there cage.. please do not let it go out side,, since parakeets are not built to be outside birds and can die out side, which may have what happend to the blue one frown.... just go to any pet store and look at all the things they have for parakkets..they love toys so try and get some for your bird.. the bird well be scared at first and well not make much noise or move around the cage all that much..he/she well in time...also we love pics. if you take a pic of it we can try and tell you if its a boy or girl or if its young or older then 1yrs..also look around for a vet that does birds..and cliping the wings is a very good idea for training and to keep the bird safe in his new hope, pluse you dont have to worrie about him/she flying away from you...there is sooo much more info ,and people here well give you some really good info so keep a eye out....parakeets are great pets that become a family member really fast so injoy and good luck.

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