7:25 Posted Emergency
7:38 Put bird in shoe box
7:43 Posted on other topic about birds fighting
8:09 Posted on other topic about birds fighting
8:10 Posted on Off topic area while frantic about her bird here.
8:45 Posted parakeet smiling (apparently looking at bird)
8:45 three posts in the same minute while doing three things:
1.Finding number
2.Dialing number
3.Speaking to vet
8:49 Reported what Vet told her
9:10 Reported bird layed (eggs)Two eggs since bird was put in box 2 hours earlier. 25 minutes after bird was seen smiling and no eggs were mentioned.

Date: 2/16/07 New to forum and stated she just got birds and they are newborns. If we give the benefit of the doubt and say they were 10 weeks old or 12 weeks old that would make them 17 weeks old when they just popped with 2 eggs. (4 months 1 week)
Benefit of the doubt is that she doesn't have any idea how old they are and just thought they were newborns.

Question? why would she go to three other topics and post in the middle of an emergency?
There were 90 posts from this member in two hours and 18 minutes on this emergency.

Make your own conclusion!

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