lol i duno if anyone else cares but this had me so giddy today haha

well as you know from the iris post .. nunu is acting funky lately .. today i focused on him and jazzie and sat by their cage all day smile

and they were so sweet like their normal selves ... preening me and climbin all over me:)

i let nunu out and he took off flying :0 i couldnt beleive it .... 2 weeks ago he couldnt fly at all shocked now he is like a professional flyer ... he even lands perfectly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wasnt expecting him to fly ... so i hadnt closed doors and stuff and he took of zooming down the hall into the bedroom and latched onto the side of max and samaa's cage ... which is his old home:(

i freaked and got him off and washed him off and had a talk tellin him that wasnt his home anymore, that he had moved:( poor guy

he was like hey man ... why these birds are in my house mom what the heck ???


so then i closed all the doors and stuff and let nunu flying around and he flew so hard and so much for like a hour all around the living room and hall way he would land on my head and then take off again ...

i was so proud of him smile my sweet baby can FLY .... i cant believe how much he has grown up since i got him smile he is soooooo tall now:) such a big boy:)

and jazzie was hoppin around the top of the cage like shocked nunu you can flyyyyyyyyy????????????????????????????? why u didnt tell me about this ????

hahahahah poor jazzie cant fly:(

and whats more shocking is that when i held my finger to him he came right on immediatly no problems shocked haha he has never really did that before ... jazzie is totally trained but nunu was always like nope u gota chase for a minute mom then ill come lol