Hi, I'm new to this forum. I thought if no one minds, I'd tell about my 4-some of keets.

Chip- (Lavender/Blue, Black&White stripes on his head & wings, very small... I think he was a runt.) We bought him first. Some of my friends refer to him as an 'evil plotter' because he used to be alone in his cage and refused to come out. When we would finally get him out of there, he always seemed grumpy. Once we added new birds, he is happy as can be. Chirps all the time now and adores the sound of running water. I think he's the only happy one around when I do the dishes.

Emerald & Hannah- (Emerald is green, yellow & dark blue. Hannah is mostly yellow. Both are much bigger than Chip.)I bought these 2 as a pair because after 30 minutes of standing in front of the cage at the pet store I realized they followed each other around, fed each one another, and cuddled. My boyfriend asked me if I was ready to go, and I couldn't leave. I felt so bad because I knew that someone would come and buy one of them and not know the bond between the other bird and itself. Without another word he went up to the cashier and bought both birds for me. Emerald (aka Wild Thing) had a rough start to hand training. He was all over the place and wouldn't sit still for longer than a few seconds. Hannah is the calmest of the group. She prefers to be handled by picking her up gently, rather than wait to be persuaded to hop on my finger. Sometimes she'll try to hide under my hand when I'm holding her & sitting down. She's a real sweetheart. Emerald has the loudest chirp in the world. I swear, if he's really excited that my eardrums are going to explode.

Cotton- (White, Tan & Light Blue) He is the newest edition. We're not even sure it's really a 'he', but I'm assuming, since his nostrils are leaning more to a bluesh tint. He is extremely quiet. He has the most gentle chirp, and he sleeps a lot in the cutest little puffball pose. He is very curious and anxious to be friends with the others in the cage. Chip has been most friendly toward him. Probably because Emerald and Hannah already have each other to swoon over.