Frodo- A very calm and laid back birdie, very funny makes faces and like to immitate me, loves her coconut more than anything in the world including millet which she also loves extremely. SOmetimes will just get wild while playing and start making funny sounds at the toys. She is basically still and baby and acts like a baby, but I can see she wants to be loved and cuddled but she is still just very unsure of people and just stays back and watches. I think she will come around, as I know she wants to, I can see it. Loves clicking her beak and hanging about, loves all toys really, especially bells and beads. Doesn't talk much but when she does it beautiful. Oh and she loves watching TV, I will get some video proof soon if you don't believe me.

Sparky- My moms bird- Extremely hyper, literaly just bounces all over, a very fast keet even at a good size. IS very cuddly and loves attention more than any toys or even other birds. Loves running through hair and landing on heads. Also enjoys the cage for some reason, even while out playing she will take short pit stops in the cage and then come back out. Gets jealous when anyone is eating and will land on your plate or cup and try to steal a drink or bite. Very vocal bird, talks with the birds outside a lot, and can whistle extremely well. Very funny and cute bird and has bonded to people better than any keet I have ever seen, almost like a parrot or something. Oh and she loves nibbling and giving kisses, she always gives kisses especially on your nose. I should get video of her too, she just loves to play with people and is so hyper, it's hilarious.

Thats about it, both are blue and white with some gray on their backs/wings, and both have those pretty little spots on their necks and cheeks. Cute birds. Jloc

Frodo, Sam Wise, Shelby, and Scooter