Ringo (A mix between Lilac and blue on his belly, and black and white on his wings, but under his wings on his backside, it a deep royal blue)- Though Ringo is curretnly a only child, he is a very complex Keet. When we first got him, he seemed so sweet and wouldn't bite a thing. We thought he was shy and was scared of everything.

How wrong we were when Ringo started to take his space. Don't get me wrong Ringo didn't become and mean biting maniac, on the contrary. He's still shy at times, but now his true personality has shown. He's a very selfish (but cute and loving) Keet. He loves things that will only benifit him, not caring about me or my family. Lately he's grown to like us more (since we got rid of his mirror). Yet he is a bit selfish and loves to start fights with my sister when she ignores him (He yells at her and flaps his wings! lol) He used to bite all the time when during the later hours of the day when we tried to pet him, probably because he was sleepy. He's definately getting better and I love him no matter what he does.