This is going to take a while...

Tweety (green)-Very sweet!! She just likes to sit back and watch all the other birds run around the cage, and even 'attack' people by flying at their faces. Tweety loves to give kisses and preen my hair. A total sweetheart. She will not bite for her life!

Sunnyboy (Blue & white)- Daring. He will do anything daring. He really likes to follow and copy what Bluebell does!

Malachi (dark grey)- A copy cat.

ixie (yellow & green)- Curious. She wants to go around the house just to look at everything. She wants to know everything, including why I won't let her & Sunnyboy mate. She is VERY flirty and always tries to look her best for Sunnyboy!! smile

Bluebell (green, blue, yellow, with black)- An adventurous, curious daredevil. She has quite the personality. She will do anything!! She's climb up to th ceiling, she'll sleep on my Mom's shoe. Those are only TWO of the things she did!!