Well, since each and every budgie has a different personality, I was thinking that every one can post up a description of your keet's cute habits, how he/she behaves, if he/she's the leader or the follower etc. etc...

I'll start us off:

Skippy (green, blue, and yellow; couple of months old):
Although not the dominant bird, he's the more adventurous one who is always the first to examine a new toy and hop out of his cage to fly. He is more active and is constantly flapping about in his cage is not let out. He can sing if he wants to (which is always) but when he squawks, be prepared for a migraine. His little head is always bobbing up and down and it's SO cute. Sadly, he's very skittish sometimes and doesn't trust anything that moves.

Pippy (green, yellow, and black; same age as Skippy):
She's the biter and pecks her friend everytime he gets into her personal space. However, she's more receptive to people (yay!) and always eats everything put in front of her. She doesn't come out much and prefers to sit back and watch. She's terrible flyer unlike Skippy and will bump into walls sometimes.. frown so that probably explains her reluctance to come out. She has learned to bob her head from Skippy so now I have two bobble-head budgies. smile

Now it's your turn! What's your keet's personality?

I love my babies: Skippy and Pippy! \:\)