I haven't been on in a while, the last time I was on was sometime in July. Well, any ways since then I have gotten two beautiful keets. I was actually only going to get one, and I did, it was so cute, it was kinda of purple. But after a week of having it it was always sleeping and it was very dirty. I took it to the vet. It was throwing up on itself and had diareha. But it was a problem I couldn't fix because it was born with and I was so sad. So the petstore in town said that they would pay the vet bill and that they would take the bird back since they had sold me a sick bird. I was so sad to part with it though. But then I got two other birds and you just have to hear their story, their original owners were very nice people but had to give up the birds because the neighbors were complaining that they were too loud. So I got the birds and their cage for around $30.00. And they are doing great. I was a little hesitant though in getting them though because one is male and one is female. But I was just wondering one thing. The female is getting a little bit chubby and is kind of moody. Does that mean that she is going to have an egg? Or is that just normal for feamle parakets?

I love keets!
Jack Sparrow-15 months old adopted 6/15/07
Elizabeth Swan-15 months old adopted 6/15/07