Hello, everyone!! My name is Jessica, and I'm new here. I'm the mom to one human child, Kate, and a bunch of animal kids. We have Sunny, our newest member, he's a keet, then there's Miss Pearl and Harriet our rats, Gizmo our cat, Gordy the goldfish and Fluffy the betta! We just got Sunny the other day after our other parakeet, Myrtle, passed suddenly. Sunny is a baby and is fresh out of the nesting box. So far everything is great with him, except we're needing to watch him closely to make sure that he eats, since he was just taken from him mom. He's the sweetest thing EVER and loves to be held and to climb around in the Christmas tree!




Harriet is hairless. Miss Pearl is a blonde hooded rat.
Thanks so much for taking a look!!

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