1 more thing, aggresivness is 1 thing but size is another, so u say all dogs can be aggresive? ok fine, thats very true but how many breeds can actually INJURE with their size and power? big dogs that is, such as pitbuls, rotwilllers, boxers.. chiuauas can bite, sure, i agree on that but they cant drop you to the floor by jumping on you like a boxer can, aint that right? i belive thats right which is why some dogs are more dangerous than others when not trained right or treated right, but yes i agree with you that all dogs can be aggresive, point i was making was that not all dogs can do severe damage with their aggresivness, quiete frankly rottweilers can if they need to or are trained to. chiuauas cant be trained to go and drop a person to the ground lol, thats the whole point. please dont tell me something totaly offtopic now lol. chiuaua cant drop a person to the ground by jumping on it when its aggresive, rottweilers can, right? thats it i made my point lol.