cats are great so are dogs I say get what you want your the one who has to live with it
Helwa I also was bitten when I was about 3. My grandparents had a german shephard it grabbed me by the neck from behind and shook me like a rag doll. At least it did not make me afraid of dogs as I have had dogs for pets in the past however I guess I would have to say I myself would never get a german shephard for the above mentioned reason and this is just a personal thing
Our cats are very affectionate and love to be petted they are kept away from the birds though poor buddy he sits on the otherside of the screen door sometimes and crys because he wants to be by me (buddy is one of our cats)
One thing nice about the cats is you can go away for a few days as long as they have enough food and a few clean litter boxes and water you can't do that with a dog However now that we have the birds can't go anyway. About all we have done is go overnight don't leave until all the birds are cleaned fed and watered with extra's of everything and then we are home by the next day. If it were longer I know I would have to get a sitter.
I'm seriously thinking of becoming a bird sitter myself has anyone here done this as a job?

My name is Connie