pitbuls are no worse than toy dogs. there I said it.
A close friend of mine has a pitt that wouldnt hurt a fly. and they let him loose around th house in the same area as a two year old. they properly trained their dog and have reason to trust it.

if properly trained, any dog can be sweeter than ever. If not properly trained, ANY DOG CAN BE EVIL AND AGRESSIVE.

again,tell me why two random small dogs in the neighborhood and even her FAMILY PET attacked my friend for NO REASON, yet she was neer hurt by my rottweiler the pit bull down the street or the two great dane's next door?

And if defending my beliefs is wreaking havock on the forums, so be it.

and again, I think it was offensive for you to say in the first place "u see u want a rotw. so im guessing u want a guard dog lol" meaning it's not a pet or a member of the family, but a security system.