oy lol

i had a great dane as a kid ... or shall i say my mom did ... she was like a horse to me cuz i was a small kid and i used to ride around on her back HAHAHAHA and she loved it she used to be super protective of me and used to sleep next to my bed and would cry when i left for school smile i miss her so much.

she was really huge though lol

big dogs are good for many things not just guard dogs ... although just from her size she ussually scared people half to death.

i was attacked by a dog when i was 3 yrs old and it was a doberman ... a puppy one ... he just flipped out and ate my face off thank goodness i was young and the scars are no invisible but i had 113 stitches in my face and inside my mouth. my dad went out and shot the dog frown i know i know sad and kinda mean but it was a farm and we had a ton of dogs and thats what you did to a dog that attacked a human:(

i had a huge huge fear of dogs after that and we got the great dane as a puppy from the streets she was very sick my mom couldnt resist and took her in and i was terrified ... and i think the dog noticed my fear and she was so gentle with me ... she would come to me and lay on the floor spread eagle and inch her way towards me on her belly lol ... eventually i learned she was harmless ...her name was gert and she died of lukeimia .. we had to put her down.. i still get scared around large dogs but i grew up and we had a lab puppy .. brown with blue eyes .. we got her teeny tiny and named her lucy she was so sweet and gentle and mothered my sick cat like it was her own kid.

my mom had a small poodle mix with terrier and that dog was evil lol .. she was grumpy mean and moody and hated to be pet or touched and she barked at anything within 3 feet of her personal space lol

my rambling is to point out dogs come in all shapes sizes and personalities. every person has their likes and dislikes for various reasons and that is ok ... no big deal ... some like small some like big .. what is one persons trash is another persons treasure