Awww now lamonsas you had to go and dis cats. Cats are better and here is why:
1. They are independent
2. They poop in a box and don't have to go outside
3. They have more personality than just slobbering and jumping all over you.
4. They can jump on to high places
5. They have an awesome "screw you" attitude
6. Domestic cats can hunt and survive in the wild. Dogs have a much harder time
7. They are extremely intelligent (not that dogs aren't)
8. They aren't as loud as dogs! (I've been listening to my neighbor's dog bark all day)
9. They are just plain better (lol, I just threw that in at the end)

I'm sure there's more, but of course these are all just my opinions. And by the way, I have 2 cats, one of which is 4 years old and has lots of energy and plays all the time. She will jump on our shoulders from the floor and play with our hair and such. The other one would rather we just leave her alone except for when she wants attention.
And to answer the post. My cats and bird live in separate rooms. I would never leave them alone in the same room together. But, I wouldn't leave a dog in the room with my bird. Nor a small child. Whew, long post I know, but I had to defend the cats. LOL