yaeh, as you guys can probably tell, I have many animals which fall in various places down the food chain. I have no doubt that my cats would attack the birds or the geckos or even the fish if they had a chance. Having multiple pets is ALL ABOUT RESPONSIBILITY. you know that you are taking a risk, but you do everything in your power to prevent such a tragedy, it just comes with the package.

Honestly, my birds arent very accesible to the cats, so I dont worry, but any interactions between them are extremely well supervised. Yeah, I'll let tigger take a peak in the cage once in awhile, she's curious, and I let her be. Now, i thought tigger would have a problem with Peace, but do you see a problem?

I keep my animals safe, just as all the other multi-pet-owning members do, and as I am sure "blue budgie" will do. that's all there is to it.