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Grrr82CU , On the back side of the picture we call the Arno Valley in Leonardo da vinci's writing backwards shows proof of the "Y" being used in the name "MARY". by Leonardo

With all respect intended, when this writer followed the link you kindly provided and examined the drawing under high magnification and a mirror held up to the faded, backwards, script, the "Y" was clearly not a "Y" at all but an "M".

The first half of Leonardo's cursive "M" starts with a curl at its inception before continuing to completion and proceding to the middle stroke of the "M". That middle-of-the-"M"-stroke then rises to begin the last half of Leonardo's cursive letter "M" which is formed by a downward stoke, descending, arching outward as it does and then curving back again to completion.

If looked at casually it might be thought to be a "Y" but examined more closely in context with the remainder of the word spelled...the word is "Maria" not "Mary".

Leonardo may have written his sentences backwards but this writer is not aware of any example wherein he wrote his letters backwards. The word "Maria" seen on the drawing, written backwards, clearly ends with an “a”.

As previously presented, Leonardo did not use a letter that was not in his language at the time he lived for word construction. Again from what this writer viewed under high magnification and a mirror, this example does not provide any evidence to the contrary.

"Maria" was the name of "Mary" in the Italian of Leonardo's day even as it was in the English of his day.

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