no, im not planning on putting her with my male, because i dont want her to loose her tameness, Ive got her completly separated from the rest of the birds for that purpose.ruca has never been around other birds since she was a baby and im not sure how she will react to them. i have my other birds upstairs and ruca downstairs. the birds upstairs keep each other company plus between me and my daughter there is usually someone up there with them.

cali, i have 6 keets two teils and a dog a turtle and a keets names are meeko,sundrop,raine,jack,luna,jasmine. and the tiels are harry and ruca the dog is lola the turtle is tuck and the fish is clifford.

and i have two chipmunks that hang around my house i have namedd them alvin and theodore lol
thank you everyone for all your comments.

TEEKA R.I.P 6-1-07 R.i.p meeko 8-20-2010