The UBB Code link in Part 2 to display The Codex Trivulzianus was working w/o being "prompted" after being posted and later reviewed. No idea why it doesn't seem to be displaying today.

If you encounter this on your computer, first, try "right clicking" in the space and/or the boxed "x" where the picture is supposed to be. That action activated the hyperlink and brought up the picture for this writer. If that is unsuccessful for you, here is the URL to view separately:

Grrr82CU2 frown

(Note to PDM: As an administrator, if you want to enter the post to correct any of the UBB Code that is incorrect in Part 2 so that the .gif automatically displays, please do so. Also, there is an unclosed UBB underline code in the middle of Part 3 (noticed too late to edit) which again if you wish to correct, you have this writer's permission...and thanks ! )

Thanks For Visiting !!