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Mary in Italian is short for Maria, this is a fact!, It does not matter if Leonardo was Italian or not it has no play on the name chosen by Leonardo.
Note the name Mary, as in Mary Magdalean!
There is proof of Leonardo using optical illusion in most of his work from a young age to his twilight ages and Leonardo writes of the use of this in his notes very clearly, the Experts have totally missed this.

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"So, enough on this. Leonardo didn’t paint the folds of cloth on the forearm of The Mona Lisa to form the name “Mary” in English. Leonardo painted many fabrics with elaborate folds, peaks and valleys, and Vasari wasn’t the lying scoundrel just trying to sell his books as accused."

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Euclid used the letter "Y" in his Arabic Language,250-325 BC.
Ptolemy, Also used the "Y", 250-325 BC.
Pythagoras, Also used the letter "Y" in Greek, Language.

da Vinci studied all three men faithfully when he was studying Astronomy and mathematics etc.
In Da Vinci's own handwriting, Manuscripts / Codex and Symbols, he also reveals he used this letter and others.

Why would I let out all my research at this time and point, but I did point you in a direction, now if You want Grrr82CU you can research this for yourself, I have spent 4 years on this.

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Did Euclid, Ptolemy, and Pythagoras use the letter "Y" ??

What did all three have in common that would have attracted Leonardo to study them ??

Could Leonardo have used the "Y" said to be seen in the works of Euclid, Ptolemy, and Phythagoras as the last letter of the name "Mary" deliberately painted into the folds of cloth on the forearm of The Mona Lisa as suggested by the "da Vinci Project, Research Group" ??

The answers...in a day or two when time permits.

...and Grrr82CU smile

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I have been reading about the letter 'Y'. I hadn't realised that it was so interesting:

'.. the Pythagorean Letter Y (Littera Pythagorae Y), which is perhaps less well known nowadays than the other Pythagorean symbols, but has been quite influential in European art, literature and thought ..'


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Euclid, Ptolemy, and Pythagoras, The History of these people are very important.
I can also tell you that the letter "Y" was also used as a symbol by the Templar/Masons in the 12th Century, and yes before you ask I do have proof of this.
Grrr82CU The letter "Y",has been used in more different ways than you and I can even Imagine!

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